Disc heads

The unique and patented design of Flex Trims disc heads makes them usable for almost any kind of sanding. The angle of the disc heads ensures that the dust is thrown out instead of gathering in the middle. This would be the case if the disc head was flat. The angle also ensures an uniform sanding. By having a higher pressure in the middle it compensates for the higher outer peripheral speed and this results in uniform sanding. The angle also ensures that the disc heads are easier to control by manual sanding.

Where to use the disc heads?

Edge breaking of all wooden surfaces:

Disc heads are perfect for edge sanding of wood and MDF. Even on profiled edges the edge will break both on top and on bottom. At the same time the surface will get a perfect sanding – all in one process. By sanding of surfaces you will also experience an incredible nice, soft and uniform sanding without lines.

Manuel sanding:

Disc heads are the perfect alternative to traditional orbital sanders. Using a disc head both profiles and surfaces are sanded in one process. A process that normally also will reduce time consumption considerably.

There are also ergonomic benefits. By using the disc heads instead of the traditional orbital sanders, you will avoid vibrations which can be harmful to the operator.

 Floor sanding:

By using the disc heads for sanding of floors, you will see a much smoother and uniform sanding compared to the traditional methods which have been used so far. Furthermore there will be no sanding marks after the process. Typically you will also experience significant savings on oil and lacquer consumption.


Besides the standard disc heads Flex Trim is continuously developing on this system so that it works optimally for specific assignments from the customers. Disc heads are also available with inclined grooves for a more aggressive sanding on edges and in profiles.

If you need further information or require other head sizes, please contact us on phone +45 96 76 01 28 or send an E-mail to info@flex-trim.com.

Disc heads are available in the following standard sizes: 

Ø125mm   12 grooves

Ø180mm   18 grooves