Flex Arm Sander

The Flex Arm is designed to close the gap between manual sanding and feedthrough sanding. In combination with the well known Flex Trim Sanding system, the Flex Arm can get the job done in a very swift and efficient way.

The Flex Arm is very versatile, and due to the low weight and through the help of the weight-reducer, it offers a very ergonomic solution for the operator.

The Flex Arm can be equipped with the Flex Trim disc and a traditional drum from Flex Trim, and through that flexibility it always ensures a very fast return of investment.

The Flex Arm can be mounted anywhere you need it, or it can be mounted on the DUSTY suction-table from Flex Trim.

When mounted on the DUSTY suction-table the suction will pick up all the burrs and dust from the sanding, to ensure the cleanest possible working environment for the operator.

The Flex Arm can be moved to any possible position, within its working range.

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Technical specifications:


 400 RPM

 Work range


 Weight - arm

 16 kg

Dust extraction

1 x Ø120mm Port





Height: 1000 mm

Width:    800 mm

Lenght: 1200 mm



 Flex Arm

Flex Arm board