Disc heads

The unique and patented design of Flex Trims disc heads makes them usable for almost any kind of sanding. The angle of the disc heads ensures that the dust is thrown out instead of gathering in the middle. This would be the case if the disc head was flat. The angle also ensures an uniform sanding. By having a higher pressure in the middle it compensates for the higher outer peripheral speed and this results in an uniform sanding. The angle also ensures that the disc heads are easier to control by manual sanding.

Discheads are perfect for deburring and rounding of edges e.g. after laser cutting or die-cutting. The disc heads ensure a perfect and uniform coating - also on the edge. At the same time the surface will also get a perfect sanding.

This combination with the flexible sanding brushes results in a uniform deburring – even on items with small round holes.

Manual sanding:

In many cases, disc heads are an alternative to traditional angle grinders. Using a disc head both edges and surfaces are sanded in one process. A process that normally will reduce time consumption considerably as well.

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