How do we work?

Quality - not only on the surface! We are serious when saying that our customers must see and feel a quality improvement of their own products when Flex Trim is supplier.

That is why we work as follows:



Many years of experience from the furniture industry is the foundation of Flex Trim’s many products. In order to solve any sanding task we also use our know-how to develop the best solution.


When the task has been defined either at the customer or in our test center, we evaluate which tool would be the best solution in this case, i.e. what attack angle to choose, which diameter of the heads, what size and number of sanding heads, what configuration of the sanding brushes to use etc.


We visit the customer and present our solution. Together we go through how the new tool can be adapted to the existing sanding machine and what effect it will have on the work process and result.


We install the new sanding system, make a test run and a fine adjustment. And, we are staying till we are certain that the whole sanding process is functioning satisfactory.


In addition to a fantastic sanding system from Flex Trim the customer also gets a good service. Customers are always welcome to contact us regarding questions about the products and their mode of operation. If there are questions about modifications or delivery options, we will be happy to visit the customer and discuss the issue.