Sanding brushes

The correct abrasive is a large part of our considerations when finding the right solution for sanding of composites, for example glass fibre and carbon fibre etc. We often use diamond to open/activate the surface but also silicon, ceramic and aluminium oxide are useable.

Being an impartial producer of sanding brushes, we work closely together with the manufacturers of the abrasives. In that way we always have access to the products and very often we are a part of the latest sanding products on the market.

Besides abrasives our strips also consist of brushes. Typically we use plant fibres as brush material but horsehair, pighair and synthetic fibres are also available.

We are always searching for materials and products which can help our customers, and optimize our products. We take great pride in delivering the perfect solution.


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Sanding brushes are available in the following standard heights:






Horsehair – 45mm

Pighair – 35mm