Pneumatic Sander 200

The Pneumatic Sander Model 200 is based on Flex Trim’s patented and international acknowledged brush sanding system, which is well known for high quality sanding of all kind of shapes and surfaces such as wood, metal and composite. The flexible brushes ensure that the abrasives are pressed evenly towards the surface.

The result is a far more efficient and uniform sanding compared to traditional hand-sanded surfaces and as an additional benefit the working environment is significantly improved for the operator.

Besides, with brush sanding you avoid sanding through even though if the layers are thin.

Better working environment

The Pneumatic Sander Model 200 is equipped with a dust control system. When connected to the exhaust system, the protection shield encloses the brush efficiently allowing the exhaust to remove most of the dust before being whirled into the air.

The Pneumatic Sander Model 200 is designed to be easy to control, when sanding. Thru the 2 handles the operator will have a firm grip on the machine, which makes it stabile to hold and work with. At the same time the machine is ergonomic to use, as it substitutes a big part of the hard physical and monotonous work of hand sanding.

The rotation of the drum makes the machine automatically move forward, and thru the weight of the machine you will need very little pressure to obtain the right sanding.

The machine does not generate any kind of vibration and is therefore gentler to the operator.

An experienced co-operation partner

With decades of experience, and focus on high quality and customer support, Flex Trim has grown to be the market leader in brush sanding solutions. We take pride in offering customers and co-operation partners the best service in the market.

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Technical specifications:



Air consumption

22,5 L/S at 6,3 bar - 91 psi



 Working drum

 200 mm


 195-260 cm


 17 kg


Pneumatic 200 - Flex Trim 

Pneumatic 200 - Flex Trim